Do you need to tell us something the FAFSA could not?

The FAFSA is a tool designed to estimate a family’s ability to pay for college. However, many students and/or families have circumstances that the FAFSA cannot capture in that snapshot.

A student may need their dependency status to be overridden or there may have been a change in the student’s or a dependent student’s family financial circumstances. Other students may have unusual educational expenses not accounted for in the Cost of Attendance (COA).

Students with special educational costs, dependency override needs, or changed financial circumstances may be able to benefit from a professional judgement appeal.

Learn more about what special circumstances we can consider, those we cannot, and the appeal process.

Do you have a special circumstance? Chat with a Financial Aid Counselor!
Make an appointment to chat with one of our financial aid counselors. They will be able to help you explore your options and help you determine if an appeal might be right for you. This might also include looking for unutilized loan eligibility, exploring scholarship opportunities, or recommending private educational loans.