Important Update on Parent PLUS Loans

For the Summer of 2018 and for the 2018-2019 School Year:  The Parent PLUS loan eligibility is no longer automatically being listed in your financial aid package, but it may still be an option for you. If  you are a dependent student and your financial aid award package does not cover your anticipated educational expenses, your parent may request to borrow money, up to your cost of attendance, from the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program.

In order to do this, your parent must complete a credit-based application via to establish eligibility for funding. Your parent should visit the Parent Borrowers section of and sign in with their FSA ID to begin the application process. Your parent will need to include Appalachian State’s code of 002906 on the application. Please note your parent borrower must also complete an MPN before PLUS loan funding can disburse. 

To determine how much to borrow, visit our Cost of Attendance page for guidance.  This gives you the cost of attendance budget as well links to actual tuition & fees charges, and room & board charges.  You can deduct any other aid the student will receive from the cost of attendance budget.