Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals and COVID-19

We recently notified students if they are not meeting SAP standards.

If you were one of these students and the disruption to the spring semester caused by the COVID pandemic caused you to withdraw, drop classes, or not perform at your best, our office wants to encourage you to appeal.  Committees will be taking COVID related issues into heavy consideration and our office recommends that you appeal your status if you were impacted. SAP appeals require several pieces of information, including the extenuating circumstance that caused your current situation. Circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic (including, but not limited to, the illness of a student or family member, compliance with a quarantine period, or a general disruption resulting from such an outbreak) will be considered such an exceptional circumstance. Supporting documentation from a third-party is required and can include documents such as doctor’s notes.

Please review our policy for more information on SAP and how to submit an appeal.