Consortium Agreements Undergraduates

Congratulations on your decision to seek an undergraduate degree through App Online. At times you will be taking Community College courses and Appalachian State University courses during a semester and/or summer term. During those semesters/terms you will be eligible to apply for financial aid through a Consortium Agreement. The following Steps will help you navigate through the financial aid process.

STEP 1: First you must Apply/Reapply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You must do this in order to receive any federal, state, or institutional funds. You must also renew your FAFSA every year beginning on January 1 in order to be eligible for financial aid. Students cannot receive financial aid from more than one institution.

STEP 2: You will need to contact App Online to make sure you are in a program that is eligible to participate in a consoritum agreements.

STEP 3: Once you have received approval from Distance Education, you will need to complete a Consortium Agreement Application (PDF, 144 KB). This form must be filled out every semester you will be dually enrolled, including summer terms.

STEP 4: The disbursement of financial aid will occur after the Office of Student Financial Aid has received your Consortium Agreement and it has been approved by App Online.

STEP 5: If you withdraw from the university you will need to contact Distance Education and also the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please read carefully the Terms &  Conditions carefully when considering dropping or withdrawing from a course.

STEP 6: Within three weeks after the end of your exams at the Community College, you will submit a copy of your transcripts to:

Office of Transfer Admissions & Engagement
ASU Box 32166
Boone, NC 28608

Failure to do so within the three-week time frame may indicate that you are an unofficial withdrawal and the Return of Financial Aid Funds for Students Who Withdraw Policy (PDF, 15 KB) will be used to determine the financial aid that must be returned to the programs.

STEP 7: Students who plan to dually enroll for summer courses will have to complete a Consortium Agreement. If the student has any remaining financial aid from the academic year they may use the financial aid for summer courses. 

STEP 8: Feel free to check your AppalNet account at any time for updates to your financial aid award package.