Financial Aid Tips

  • You will not receive an award notification until you are accepted for admission to Appalachian State University and your financial aid file is finalized .
  • You will need to file the FAFSA each year and preferably before the priority deadline of December 1st.
  • To add Appalachian State University to a current FAFSA, go to Make Corrections to a Processed FAFSA and add Appalachian State University's school code of 002906.
  • Additional important information is available in the Financial Aid Terms and Conditions.
  • Students who complete the FAFSA after the priority processing date of December 1st may not have their financial aid finalized by the deadline to pay the Fall or Spring semester bill, may have their schedule canceled, and may incur a late fee on their student account.
  • Students: To begin exploring your financial aid options and to become more familiar with financial aid options, you can complete the FAFSA4caster!
  • Dependent students are required to have a parent signature on the FAFSA. The FAFSA is not processed until both signatures are on file. To sign your FAFSA click here.