Complete Grant Criteria

Appalachian State received a small grant called Longleaf Complete Grant. This funding was from the Governor’s office to help a specific set of students in Summer 2022. The funds were awarded based on the criteria set by the State, which are listed below.


Appalachian expects to receive additional funding for a larger grant called Longleaf Accelerator Grant. Accelerator funding will be used to help students in Summer 2023. We have not received the final eligibility criteria from the State tied to this grant. We will announce more information about the Longleaf Accelerator grant once we get closer to the Summer 2023 semester.


The Longleaf Complete Grant criteria set by the State were:

  • Undergraduate student
  • That the student completed a Summer 1 course; or that they were still enrolled in a Summer 1 or Summer 2 course on 7/28/22
  • That the Adjusted Gross Income on the student’s 21/22 FAFSA was between $75,001 to $95,000
  • There was a credit hour requirement as well:
    • That the student applied to graduate with a summer graduation date


  • The student successfully passed between 24 to 29 credit hours during the Fall 21 and Spring 22 semester (combined), And the student was enrolled in enough summer hours to reach a total of 30 hours completed for the 21/22 academic year.