Types of Aid


(Watch this video to learn more about Grants.)

Grants are financial aid funds that do not have to be re-paid and are awarded based on financial need. Students can apply for state and federal grants by completing the FAFSA. 


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Scholarship awards are earned by the student. These awards require individual applications and can be need-based or merit-based. Some scholarships may be renewable year-to-year if the student meets the necessary criteria.

For more information on applying to scholarships or to learn how to send your awards to Appalachian, click here.

Federal Work Study

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Federal work-study is an employment program funded by the Department of Education. Work-study is based on financial need and students apply through the FAFSA. Money pays directly to the student via paycheck rather than paying toward the semester bill. Awards are made based on the availability of funding. If you are not awarded, but still want to work on-campus, please visit the Student Employment website. 


(Watch these videos to learn more about Types of Federal Student Loans and the differences between Private and Federal Student Loans.)

Students may apply for federal loans through the FAFSA. Loan offers can be accepted or declined, based on need. Undergraduates are eligible for two types of loans: subsidized (need-based and does not accrue interest) and unsubsidized (does accrue interest). Graduate students are eligible for unsubsidized loans only.

If you are taking out a federal loan for the first time, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling and a loan agreement called a Master Promissory Note (MPN) by going to StudentAid.Gov

Some students choose to use private loans to assist with their tuition. Appalachian recommends researching private loan options carefully. We have compiled a list of our Historical Lender Data that you can use to help in your search process. We are happy to assist with questions!