Applying for Loans

Students may apply for federal loans through the FAFSA.

The Office of Student Financial Aid will offer federal student loans as part of each student's total financial aid package. Financial need and the student's number of credit hours are used to determine the type and amount of the loan offer. Loan offers can be accepted or declined, based on need. Undergraduates are eligible for two types of loans: subsidized (need-based and does not accrue interest) and unsubsidized (does accrue interest). Graduate students are eligible for unsubsidized loans only. Some students choose to use private loans to assist with their tuition. Appalachian recommends researching private loan options carefully. We are happy to assist with questions!

Before you borrow, please remember that loans must be repaid. Only borrow the amount needed to attend school and consider your ability to repay student loan debt based on your anticipated future annual income. Use the Loan Payment Calculator to help you see what your monthly payments might be. Student loans go into repayment six months after you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment.

Loans in the Student's Name

Loans in the Parent's Name