Co-hort FAQs

I have just been accepted into a cohort program. What's next?

Your first step in the financial aid process is completing the FAFSA.

Next, check with Distance Education to see what classes you will be taking in the coming semester. If you will be taking community college courses, you will need to fill out a consortium agreement

Can I get financial aid for my ASU courses and the community college?

As long as the community college courses are approved through Distance Education, you may receive financial aid from ASU for the community college courses by filling out a consortium agreement.

You may only receive financial aid from one institution. If you have received financial aid from a community college and App, this is considered a violation of the federal regulations and you MUST contact the financial aid office at (828) 262-2190.

When should I turn in my Consortium Application?

Students may begin turning in their consortium applications during pre-registration. Your financial aid will not be finalized until you turn in this form. Therefore, the sooner it is turned in, the sooner the financial aid office can get your award package ready for the upcoming term.

How much will tuition and fees be for my ASU courses?

The Distance Education website lists cost estimates for each class.

What happens if I drop a class at the community college?

If you drop a class at the community college, you may be required to repay some or all of your financial aid to App.

You MUST contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (828) 262-2190. You should also contact Distance Education at (828) 262-3113.

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

A student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to qualify for financial aid.

What happens if I withdraw from my program?

Information about App's withdrawal policy is available by clicking here.

How do I pay for my community college courses/books?

Although your financial aid from ASU may include funds to help pay for community college courses, your refund check will NOT be available in time to pay for your classes OR buy your books. You should expect to pay for these costs out of pocket and then you may reimburse yourself when you receive your refund check from Appalachian.

How do I know where my refund will be sent?

You must choose where you want your financial aid refund check to be sent. Refunds are coordinated through the Student Accounts Office.