Institutional Scholarships

For information about institutional scholarships at ASU please visit the University Scholarship Page or contact the Office of Admissions at (828) 262-2120.

For Incoming Students

Freshmen and transfer students should apply for scholarships through the Office of Admissions.

Click here for more information on procedures, applications, deadlines, and other details concerning these scholarships.

For Continuing Students

Continuing students who have declared a major should check with the Office of the Chair of their department to apply for departmental scholarships.

Outside Scholarships

If you receive an outside scholarship (from any source outside the University), you are required to notify the Office of Student Financial Aid so that these funds can be incorporated into your financial aid package of federal and state monies.

The scholarship check should be made payable to Appalachian State University and should have the recipient's name and Banner ID in the "For" line of the check.

Outside donors should mail scholarship checks to this address:

Standard Mailing Address
Student Accounts Office
Appalachian State University
ASU Box 32005
Boone NC 28608-2059

Overnight Shipping Address
Student Accounts Office
Appalachian State University
287 Rivers Street, JET Room 215
Boone NC 28607

Scholarships from Sources Outside the University

Students should check with clubs, churches and community organizations in their hometown for scholarship opportunities.

For outside scholarship searches, students may want to review one or more of the following websites:

IMPORTANT: Beware of scholarship scams! For more information and tips on identifying a scholarship scam, click here.